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If you stroll down Hamilton avenue in Northside you may hear us from time to time. We're NoteAble, a program working to provide high-quality music education to the youth of Cincinnati totally free of charge! We consist of dedicated teaching artists and students discovering the lessons this art form can teach all of us. 

At NoteAble we're cultivating a safe space exploring how intelligence is shapeable, how long-term goals are set, and what it means to truly respect one another through our actions as we work towards those goals. 


By providing children with an avenue for excellence, we're cultivating strong minds ready to better navigate their lives and a music community that will continue to nurture that achievement built on self-belief and a safe space for expression. 

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We meet Monday through Thursday 

at the Mckie Recreation Center.

Beginner Classes 3:00—3:50 p.m.

NoteAble Ensemble 4:00—6:00 p.m.


If you know of a child who would

enjoy learning to express themselves

through music contact us via our

contact page or email directly to ​

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